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20kg Jerrycan 02.png
20kg Jerrycan 02.png
20kg Jerrycan.png


  • For sealing of water ingress between concrete tunnel segment joints.

  • Screen injections behind tunnel segments.

  • For sealing moving, leaking cracks.

  • For waterproofing man and non-man accessible sewer pipes.

  • For sealing of expansion joints.

  • Used as a 1-component system for sealing wet, non-structural cracks.

  • Used as a 2-component system with a 1:1 ratio water for sealing dry, moving & non-structural cracks.



MOVEX HYDRO-POLYGEL is designed for injection of joints or repairing leaks in concrete structures. In contact with water, it forms a flexible gasket in the crack or joint. Corrosive environments do not affect MOVEX HYDRO-POLYGEL. The system is ideal for movement of the substrate in excess of 10%. The resin expands and cures to a resilient, flexible closed-cell foam when in contact with water.


  • Solvent free non-flammable system , REACH compliant.

  • Resistance to thermal movement, excellent wet-dry and freeze-thaw cycles without degradation.

  • High tensile and bonding strength.

  • Excellent chemical resistance.

  • No ADR transport.


Watch​ our full application video or download our Technical Data Sheet for this product.

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