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PVC Waterstops

Pro Series

PVC Waterstops Pro Series are made of specially compounded PVC resin suitable for construction and expansion joint areas as well as for water retaining structures.


  • Foundation Work

  • Basement

  • Retaining Wall

  • Tunnels

  • Reservoirs

  • Swimming Pool


  • Various profiles and sizes available for different types of areas

  • Special pieces for intersection readily available made at the factory

  • Eyelets at different distance available upon request to ease installation process

  • Movex PVC waterstop conform to the required standards

The special joint pieces for certain area, where the casting is done in a way where a special designed shape of the waterstop is required, can be supplied by Movex. Movex brings the quality in the manufacturing process to the workmanship of jointing the special pieces to ensure the special pieces are according to quality standards.​


Watch​ our full application video or download our Technical Data Sheet for this product.

PVC Waterstops Pro Series:


External Joints.jpg
Internal Joints.jpg

AC1050 PVC Waterstops:

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