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RGT-1 ProTube &

AcrylGel S.E.A. PRO

RGT-1 ProTube is robust re-injectable hose, tested and made of an especially composed artificial material distinguishing itself by easy workability. It acts as transport line for the grouting material which is injected after the concrete works.

The AcrylGel S.E.A. PRO system is used for sealing and consolidation works in presence of water. The substance is injected through packers or injection hoses. The low viscosity of the product assures high fluidity. It’s a hydrophilic system with a controlled set time.

When used together and installed concrete joints, it provides an effective water seepage barrier through joints and the system is designed to be re-injectable throughout the life of the structure.


  • Deep basements using Diaphragm Wall or CBP wall retaining systems

  • All types of concrete joints, to seal off water ingress or filling up of voids

  • Treatment of water infiltration and ground water ingress.

  • Treatment of soils.

  • Treatment of voids and cavities, in the form of sand grouts.

  • Injection of water bearing cracks in concrete or masonry walls.

  • Injection of (re-) injectable injection hoses.

  • Injection of compartments in (PVC) liners.


  • The hose and resin system provides a total seal on all construction joints.

  • Flexible Gel withstands movements in concrete joints.

  • The hose is re-injectable allowing for repeated sealing of joints in concrete.

  • Can be used in conjunction with preformed or hydrophilic waterstops.

  • Strongly recommended for use to protect the joints of integral waterproofed concrete structures.


Watch​ our full application video or download our Technical Data Sheet for this product.

RGT-1 ProTube:

AcrylGel S.E.A. PRO:


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