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SwellPro FTP 02.png
SwellPro FTP 02.png
SwellPro FTP 02.png
SwellPro FTP 02.png
SwellPro FTP.png

100% Waterproof to 6BAR



SwellPro FTP is made of hydrophilic water swellable synthetic rubber. It acts as an external watertight sealing for spacers.


  • Designed and developed to seal spacers against penetrating or pressing water that infiltrates on the outside of the spacer.

  • For external sealing of hollow spacers.


Watch​ our full application video or download our Technical Data Sheet for this product.


The water swellable sealing products by Movex are based on the unique Active Sealing Technology. Our products expand on contact with water. This is how they create an active seal to combat moisture infiltration. The Movex products are self-correcting and thus also sealing the unevenness and imperfections of the concrete. It fits in spacers with an inner diameter of 22, 24 or 26mm and can be customized to your specific formwork.

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