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ST Pro100

STPro 100 is a high-performance self-adhesive butyl rubber tape incorporating non-woven polyester fleece, designed to be used as high strength reinforcement layer to resist various building movement in joints.


It has very good bond to various substrates such as bricks, concrete, metal, wood & etc. The unique fleece allows many finishing materials to have excellent bond to the tape.


  • To seal joint between floor slab and wall

  • Can be used for most substrates

  • Can receive tiling direct

  • Bathrooms

  • Toilets or showers

  • Kitchens


  • Fast installation, just peel and stick application

  • No torch-on or hot air needed for installation

  • Readily conforms to irregular surface profiles

  • Does not contain bitumen making it more environment friendly

  • Does not contain bentonite which is liable to dissolve in entrapped water

  • Excellent double bond to substrate and toppings


Watch​ our full application video or download our Technical Data Sheet for this product.

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